Areas of expertise

JP Ducasse Consulting is a U.S.-based postal consultancy focusing on :


Regulatory and policy advice

-Assisting with the development of sustainable postal regulatory frameworks and long-term business models for the posts of emerging countries.


 Global postal research

-Since December 2013, JP is a permanent consultant with the Global Research Team of the USPS Office of Inspector General, in support of this new Directorate's research projects and industry workshops (big data, virtual currencies, Internet of Postal Things...)


Industry leadership

- Since February 2012 : Member of the U.S. Federal Advisory Committee on International Postal and Delivery Services

- 2004-2012 : Chair of the UPU Revenue Protection working group.


Cairo - Arab League HQ, 2011
Abidjan, 2012
PostEurop, Belgrade, 2012

Selected research projects 2012-2013


 - October  2014 (forthcoming) : Chapter in “Reinventing the Post II” (with Laraine B. Hope)

 - May 2014 : co-author on "International Postal Big Data: Discussion Forum Recap", USPS OIG Issue Brief,


- October 2013  Chapter entitled "Reinventing a long term and sustainable role for posts in least developed countries”in  “Reinventing the Post” (edited by Derek Osborn) 


-  June 2013 - June. JP Ducasse was a discussant at the 21st Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics (Portmanock, Ireland)


- March 2013 : Webinar "Combating Revenue Leakage" (organized by decision analysis partners). Presentation and slides available at


- E-commerce market trends in 19 European markets. Results of the pilot phase of PostEurop E-commerce project for the Posts of Central and Eastern Europe were presented at the PostEurop Plenary in April 2012. The project was carried out between October 2012 and March 2013 in partnership with 19 Posts. Results slated for presentation at the PostEurop Market Day on May 7, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.


- Future sustainable business models for the Posts of emerging countries. Results presented at the 1st Ministerial Conference of ECOWAS Postal countries (WAPC) in April 2012 in Abidjan.  


-  UPU Regional Revenue Protection Workshop for anglophone African countries.   We co-organized and facilitated the first regional revenue protection workshop for 17 African countries (Tanzania, August 2012). We prepared UPU Resolution C61/2012 unanimously approved by the UPU Congress in Doha in October 2012.


- Models of public/private partnerships in the U.S. government and the global postal sector (Lead consultant on an unpublished study for the USPS Office of Inspector General).





Bangkok APPU November 2010